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Allen A. - QLD
I have Been using since 2010. Can I say a big thank you for your service. when I lived in NSW Newcastle I would get my order next day. Now I am in North QLD and I get it, Order day Plus 2 EG order early on Monday I will usually get it Wednesday. it must travel more than 2000kms and that, for where I am is Fantastic.
Keep up the good work.
I use the aftermarket Cartridges all of the time and after using more that 30 thru my poor little HP. I have only had 1 failure after about 50% of cartridge used, of which is no problem on the money saved. Prior to that a Canon.
I will be honest and say i did use another company about 2 years ago for one order and never again, of the 4 ordered 2 failed within the 1st 500 impressions. an the rest seemed to go very quickly. Yours I get good coverage and crisp printing, and seem to last a good while.
Thank you all