Dorcy Table/Area Lantern - Battery Included

Brand: Dorcy

MPN: D1017

70 Lumens, Small Convenient Design, Rubber on/off button, comfortable carry handle, Hang hook hidden with carry handle, Full 360 degree ... more

Dorcy 4D Deluxe Lantern

Brand: Dorcy

MPN: D1020

40 Lumens High quality plastic and ABS material, Carry Handle doubles as a stand for multiple angles, Slide focus switch ... more

Dorcy Square Push Light - Lumens: 50

Brand: Dorcy

MPN: D1029

Super-Bright LEDS, 60 degree vertical detection and 100 degree horizontal detection Built in light photo resistor and infrared sensor double ... more

Dorcy Circle Push Light - Lumens: 50

Brand: Dorcy

MPN: D1030

Super-Bright LEDS, Completley Wireless, Easily attach to almost any surface with it's double sided sticky pad or hang holes located ... more

Dorcy Sensor Spotlight (D1071)

Brand: Dorcy

MPN: D1071

Provides Bright light anywhere you need it without the wires, Motion sensor coupled with a photo sensor ensures the light ... more

Dorcy LED Cap Light (D2105)

Brand: Dorcy

MPN: D2105

Dorcy LED Cap Light Powerful 3 LEDs, perfect for hands free work,Great for cyclists, Clips onto most surfaces, 13 lumen, ... more

Dorcy Unbreakable Flashlight (D2600)

Brand: Dorcy

MPN: D2600

Dorcy 3AAA 140 Lumen Unbreakable Flashlight High Tech nylon glass fiber construction for maximum toughness and durability, Shatterproof Lens and ... more

Dorcy Pro Series Headlamp (D2606)

Brand: Dorcy

MPN: D2606

Dorcy 3AAA 280 Lumen Pro Series Headlamp Comfortable Head strap, drop tested and durable, 103M beam distance, 4Hr run time ... more

Dorcy 1000 Lumen Lantern (D3117)

Brand: Dorcy

MPN: D3117

Dorcy 4D 1000 Lumens COB Strip 360 Degree light, Durable case Drop Tested, Weather resistant, Top and bottom hang hook ... more

Dorcy Rechargable Spotlight (D4322)

Brand: Dorcy

MPN: D4322

Dorcy Rechargable Spotlight, 1300 Lumens, Powerful COB and LEDS, 4 Modes,High,Med,Low,Flood, USB rechargeable, Incorporated Powerbank to charge your p ... more

Dorcy 2000 Lumen Lantern (D4357)

Brand: Dorcy

MPN: D4357

Dorcy 2000 Lumen Lantern , Comfortable Carry handle, 360 Degree light, Twist dial switch from Low to High allowing further ... more

Dorcy 200 Lumen Cyberlight (D4757)

Brand: Dorcy

MPN: D4757

Dorcy 200 Lumen Cyberlight, Durable construction, Super bright LEDs, True spot technology providing a more accurate beam of light, Weather,Water,Impac ... more

Dorcy 1000 Lumen Twist Torch (D6126)

Brand: Dorcy

MPN: D6126

Dorcy 1000 Lumen Twist Focus Torch, Spot to Flood Beam twist focust, Water resistant, Anodized aluminium, High,Med,Low,Strobe functions, 260m Beam ... more

Dorcy 2400 Lumen Twist Torch (D6128)

Brand: Dorcy

MPN: D6128

Dorcy 2400 Lumen Twist Torch Spot to Flood Beam Twist Focus, Water resistant, Anodized Aluminium, High,Med,Low,Strobe functions, 350m Beam distance, ... more

Dorcy 3AAA Area Light Pk 12 (D6528)

Brand: Dorcy

MPN: D6528

Dorcy 3AAA Portable Area Light, Super bright COB strip, Included Carabiner Clip & Hook, 3 Light modes, High, Low, Strobe ... more

Lifegear Mini Torch Retail Pack 6

Brand: Lifegear

MPN: LG0901

Life Gear 60 Lumens Mini Max 9 LED Torch 6 vibrant colours 5 Light modes - Flashlight, Safety flasher, glow, ... more

LifeGear Stormproof Lantern

Brand: Lifegear

MPN: LG3760

LifeGear 1000 Lumens Stormproof Lantern, 36 Hr Run time Low, Collapsible, Runs on 4 OR 8 AA Batteries, Red Night ... more

LifeGear Whistle Light

Brand: Lifegear

MPN: LG3945

LifeGear Whistle Light, COB LED Strip, Quick release Lanyard, 4 Light modes, High, Med,Low,Strobe, Availabile in Assorted Colours ... more

LifeGear 3D LED Lantern

Brand: Lifegear

MPN: LG3968

LifeGear 3D LED Adventure Lantern, 1000 Lumen COB Strip, 5 Light Modes, High, Med, Low, Red Glow, Safety Flasher, Battery ... more

LifeGear Pet Clip Light

Brand: Lifegear

MPN: LG60641

Lifegear Nightwalker Pet Clip Light,See and Be Seen, Keep your furry friend safe on night walks or around the camp ... more

Dorcy 4000 Lumens USB rechargeable Flashlight

Brand: Dorcy

MPN: D2611

4000 Lumens, USB rechargeable, Anodized Aluminium, Over 26cm Tall, 4 Modes High : 4000 Lumens 5Hr, Med High ... more

Dorcy 2000 Lumens USB rechargeable Flashlight

Brand: Dorcy

MPN: D4328

2000 Lumens, USB rechargeable, Instant Spot & COB Flood, Water and Impact Resistant, 3 Modes - Flood and Spot High ... more

Dorcy 1500 Lumens USB rechargeable Flashlight

Brand: Dorcy

MPN: D4329

1500 Lumens, USB rechargeable, 4 Modes -Flood High: 1500 Lumens,3Hr ,100m, Spot High : 615 Lumens, 3Hr Flood Low: ... more

Dorcy 650 Lumens USB rechargeable Motion Sensor Headlamp

Brand: Dorcy

MPN: D4337

650 Lumens USB rechargeable Motion Sensor Headlamp, Hands Free motion activated, IPX4 rating, Spot & COB flood light, 4 hr ... more

Dorcy 1000 Lumens USB Rechargeable Powerbank Flashlight

Brand: Dorcy

MPN: D4358

1000 Lumens USB Rechargeable Powerbank Flashlight, Instant Spot and COB Flood, Anodized Aluminium, Water and Impact Resistant, LED Charge Indicator, ... more

LifeGear USB Radio Crank Lght

Brand: Dorcy

MPN: LG3763

Built in radio, USB In / Out charging , Crank charge capabilities, Siren, 1m Drop Test, 100 ... more

Dorcy 1450 Lumn Rechargeable Spotlight

Brand: Dorcy

MPN: D1038

Slip free comfortable rubber grip, Doubles as power-bank, (Incl. charge cable) Foldout stand for handsfree use, Trigger lock for ... more

Dorcy 100 Lumen Rechargeable Flashlight

Brand: Dorcy

MPN: D4380

USB Rechargeable, Aluminium construction, Focus flashlight beam, Flashlight & Area beam, Li-ion battery, USB charge cable included, Wrist lanyard, Wea ... more

Brilliant Fancy LED Bulb G45
 - * While Stock Last

Brand: Brilliant

MPN: 18549

This Brilliant Fancy LED Light Globe delivers 250 lumens of light, making it perfect for brightening your home or workspace. ... more

Dorcy Recharge. Float. Lantern

Brand: Dorcy

MPN: D3128

Lightweight, Durable, Floating and weather resistant, Powerful LED Light. Try Me: Includes USB -C Charging cable, High distance beam, Charging ... more

Brilliant Smart Strip Light 10
 - * While Stock Last

Brand: Brilliant

MPN: 21889

These Brilliant Smart Music Strip Lights are the perfect way to add some fun to your home. Each strip is ... more

Brilliant Smart RGB Bulb E27
 - * While Stock Last

Brand: Brilliant

MPN: 21958

Create the perfect ambiance with millions of colours to choose from to set the scene for a romantic evening or ... more

Brilliant Smart RGB Bulb B22
 - * While Stock Last

Brand: Brilliant

MPN: 21959

Create the perfect ambiance with millions of colours to choose from to set the scene for a romantic evening or ... more

Brilliant Smart Strip Light 5
 - * While Stock Last

Brand: Brilliant

MPN: 21888

These Brilliant Smart Music Strip Lights are the perfect way to add some fun to your home. Each strip is ... more

Brilliant Sammy Desk Lamp Pink
 - * While Stock Last

Brand: Brilliant

MPN: 21414/44

The Sammy task lamp is the classic staple for your desk with its adjustable chrome neck, that allows it to ... more

Brilliant Laine Table Lamp Bk
 - * While Stock Last

Brand: Brilliant

MPN: 21430/06

The Laine LED task lamp has a contemporary design making it functional and ideal for reading. Helps you focus on ... more

Brilliant Magnify LED Lamp
 - * While Stock Last

Brand: Brilliant

MPN: 19173/05

This Optiview LED task lamp from Brilliant features a magnifying lens with a cool white light to spot those hard ... more

Dorcy 3AAA LED Headlamp

Brand: Dorcy

MPN: D2095

150 Lumens 3 Light modes 2.5 Hour battery life 20m Beam distance 3AAA Batteries included Adjustable head strap ... more

Brilliant Kalla LED Task Lamp - White

Brand: Brilliant

MPN: 21426/05

The Kalla task lamp is a bright and slimline lamp with contemporary design. It is functional and ideal for the ... more

Lifegear USB Rechargeable Glowstick

Brand: Lifegear

MPN: LG3689

USB C Rechargeable, Emergency Flasher & Whistle, Carabiner Clip, Water & impact resistant, 100 Hrs Safety flashing, 5 Light Modes ... more

Dorcy Pro Series 180 Lumen LED Rubber Torch

Brand: Dorcy

MPN: D2969

Up to 29Hr run time, Comfortable & super tough rubberized grip, Water and weather resistant, Batteries included, Nylon lanyard included, ... more

LifeGear 100 Lumen Glow Mini Max Aluminium Flashlight

Brand: Lifegear

MPN: LG3829

100 Lumens, Aircraft Grade Aluminum, Multi-Function Tail Cap, Multi-purpose Compact Flashlight, 3X AAA Batteries Included, Lifetime LEDs, Water Resist ... more

LifeGear 15 Lumen Advanced Glow Flashlight

Brand: Lifegear

MPN: LG3734

See and Be Seen Mode, 3x AG13 batteries included, Emergency Flasher, Auto Off after 60min, Water and impact resistant ... more

LifeGear 160 Lumen Advanced Glow Flashlight

Brand: Lifegear

MPN: LG3754

See and Be Seen Mode, Storage case in the handle, 160 Lumens, Auto Off in 1 hour, Auto On in ... more

LifeGear 350 Lumen Glow Transform LED Lantern

Brand: Lifegear

MPN: LG3748

Uses 3 AA Batteries (not included), Multi Configuration Lantern, 350 Lumens, weather and impact resistant, High, Med, Low modes, Night ... more

Dorcy 125 Lm Mini Torch

Brand: Dorcy

MPN: D2522

This torch has a waterproof, floatability design, and a slip-free grip. Constructed with shock-absorbing rubber, it offers stability and durability. ... more

Dorcy 150 Lm Floating Torch

Brand: Dorcy

MPN: D2525

This torch has a waterproof, floatability design, and a slip-free grip. Constructed with shock-absorbing rubber, it offers stability and durability. ... more

EVE Flare - Portable Smart LED Lamp with Apple HomeKit technology

Brand: Eve

MPN: 10EBV8701

Eve Flare is a waterproof smart LED lamp with wireless charging, 6 hours of light and Siri or tap control. ... more

LifeGear Adventure 130 Lumen Mini Rechargeable LED Lantern

Brand: Lifegear

MPN: LG1360

USB-C Rechargeable Area Table Lantern, Soft portable LED 360 degree Light, Sleek and compact design that makes it. Simple to ... more

LifeGear 400 Lumen Rechargable Mini LED Lantern

Brand: Lifegear

MPN: LG3878

LifeGear USB 400 Mini lantern is bright, lightweight, and easy to use. 5 light modes High, Med, Low area, red ... more

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