Eve Smart Water & Leak Detector Extension (2m)

Brand: Eve

MPN: 10EBL8701

Eve Smart Water & Leak Detector Extension (2m). Will detect water anywhere along the cable. Works with Apple homekit. ... more

Eve Door & Window Wireless Contact Sensor

Brand: Eve

MPN: 10EBN9901

Eve Door & Window Wireless Contact Sensor understands whether your door or window is open or closed. See the current ... more

Eve Weather Temperature & Humidity Monitor

Brand: Eve

MPN: 10EBS9901

Eve Weather Temperature & Humidity Monitor tracks local outdoor temperature, humidity and barometric pressure trends. It features IPX3 water resis ... more

Eve Room with Thread

Brand: Eve

MPN: 10EBX9901

Eve Room is an award-winning indoor air quality monitor with built-in Apple HomeKit technology. The key to keeping your home ... more

Eve Water Guard with Thread

Brand: Eve

MPN: 1DEBZ8701

Protect your home. Get alerted as soon as water leaks out, and protect your home from expensive water damage visually, ... more

D-Link DCH-B112 Smart Sensor

Brand: D-Link


Smart Door Window Sensor ... more

Eve Aqua Smart Water Controller with Thread

Brand: Eve

MPN: 10ECC8101

With Eve Aqua smart water controller, activate your irrigation system via your iPhone, Siri, or the onboard button. You can ... more

Brilliant Smart PIR Sensor V2
 - * While Stock Last

Brand: Brilliant

MPN: 22169/05

Detect motion with the Brilliant Smart Pir Sensor Sii. Manage settings and automation with Brilliant Smart app. Easy to install ... more

Brilliant Smart WiFi Contact Sensor

Brand: Brilliant

MPN: 20714/05

Secure your home with the Brilliant Smart WiFi Reed Switch. The Smart Reed Switch activates once the door or window ... more

Eve Door & Window (Matter)

Brand: Eve

MPN: 10EBN9951

Know the status of your door or window. Unassuming and a breeze to install with no tools required, Eve Door ... more

Eve Motion (Matter)

Brand: Eve

MPN: 10EBY9951

Smart Motion Sensor with Light Sensor, IPX3 Water Resistance, Automatic Activation of Lights and Devices, Thread ... more